Art & Fashion Photographer. 

Works in different countries of the World ✈

Cooperates with international glossy magazines.

Available for commercial Shootings and Workshops Worldwide.

Booking in advance. via E-Mail

Art portrait

Advertising / Campaign
Model tests




Frankfurt, Germany 12 Oktober WORKSHOP
Venice Biennale 4 - 11 August 
Rome, Italy 13 July WORKSHOP

Stuttgart, Germany 1 June WORKSHOP

Napoli, Italy 13 April WORKSHOP

Athens, Greece 16 March WORKSHOP




Lisbon, Portugal 17 March WORKSHOP
Rome, Italy 31 March WORKSHOP
Barcelona, Spain 21 April WORKSHOP
Munich, Germany 2 June WORKSHOP

Dusseldorf, Germany 13 October WORKSHOP


Rome, Italy 28 March WORKSHOP

Prague, Czech Republic 22 April WORKSHOP

Venice, Italy 27 May WORKSHOP

Athens, Greece 4 June WORKSHOP

Milan (Como lake), Italy 2 September WORKSHOP

Catania, Italy 17 September WORKSHOP

Florence, Italy 18 November WORKSHOP






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